Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The 2 Days Workshop

Salam to all. The last workshop was said to be a great workshop by all of us. We managed to produce more than 10 cases. Although the cases were not fully developed and completed at least we have got the good raw cases in our hands. The accommodation was also better in term of scenery and location which is far away from the city and the greens was a much more welcomed scenery than the concrete jungle of KL. Tak macam 1st workshop dekat Boulevard Midvalley hari tu.

I managed to snap few pictures of Cyberview Lodge Resort and Spa. Very nice resort and it is recommended to organise a team building program here. I guess.



Outside the Chalet

Inside the Room..such a huge room siap ada LCD tv besar and a desktop with internet access

The only flower i snap


Zuer said...

best nyer ....cantik bilik tuh...
sebesar alam...

ArnabGumuk said...

wah..cantik yg amat la bilik tu..besnyaaaaa klu dpt spend dgn org tersayang kan!