Saturday, July 19, 2008

Beriani Gam

I'm already back in KL on Thursday due to urgent discussion with my partners on our new project. Penat tuh penat la jugak Selasa ke Johor balik hari yg sama. The next day pulak balik ke Johor Khamis balik sini pulak. I'm suppose to stay there until Friday evening. I reached Kajang around 2pm. Our discussion started at 4pm. I decided to take my lunch at Beriani Gam restaurant which located near Uniten. Anyone who live within this area should know where's the restaurant located . Dah lama tak makan Nasi Beriani Gam nih. Hehehehehe

The signage...

I chosed Beriani Gam Ayam...yummy...yummy

Added with this delicious syrup with lychee... hehehehe

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