Saturday, January 26, 2008


You know what, my staff are suppose to complete their task by end of December 2007 but to date more files are still hanging and didn't meet the target! Arrghh tension beb! So to cooool down the volcano and to avoid any blood pressure higher that it should be apa lagi aku pi shopping la.
This is what i always do when my mind and my head are burning. Whether i have enough cash or not i will try to do anything to go for it. So while waiting for my wife i went to IOI Mall Puchong and found this nice watch and worth buying.

From JBovier

The price after 20% discount is Rm210.00 . This is my forth watch i had in my collection. I'm looking for a watchbox to keep all my watches in a proper place. Sekarang nih berterabur je mana-mana aku letak. Nanti hilang pulak. So if someone out there there knows where i can find the watchbox please inform me. I treat this as an urgent basis. Hehehehehe. Lega sikit tension aku nih.

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