Saturday, November 14, 2009

Semester 1

Alhamdulillah i have completed my semester 1 for my master course. Really challenging upside down. It took me first few weeks to adopt with my job and study. Started on July 09 and 3 papers for final exam a week after Hari Raya. Last week 8/11 was my last paper for the final exam and the result will tentatively be announced on 10/12....takut campur tak sabar pun ada....Insyallah i believe in phrase of what you give you get back!

Back to papers i took for this semester the last paper really exciting because it was an incentive class. Only 5 weeks held on Sunday from 8.30am-6.00pm. Officers from enforcement agencies from PDRM, Handwriting Analysis, Bank Negara and MACC were invited to give a talk on specific topics. Since this paper is more into Money Laundering most of the officers talk on it base on their experiences and investigation department. The whole class really learn a lot even some of the students interested to join them in the future!!! ( The perks really great..!!!). There's some pictures snapped during the class.

With Puan Khadijah handwriting analysis, has her own website
and books, click here if you interested to know on handwriting analysis.

Inspektor Firdaus from Bukit Aman (AMLA Investigation Department), berpeluh-peluh, katanya datang dari Bagan Pinang ( time tu kat election kat sana)

With En Mazlan Ahmad from Bank Negara ( Special Investigation Unit)

With En Mohamad Zamri (Assistant Commisioner) from MACC. Cenderahati disampaikan oleh rakan kelas Puan Zu yang juga dari MACC HQ.

My group presentation....

En Mazlan memberikan ceramahnya....cenderahati dari kami disampaikan oleh puan ketua kelas kami Puan Yani ( investigation officer from CCM)

Puan Khadijah menunjukkan buku yang ditulis.
Cenderahati diberikan oleh PM Dr Noraini our lecturer.


E.d.Y said...

baru 1 semester rupenyer..huhu

Syam said...

Iyer...baru lagi dah berhajat 2 tahun lepas....baru kesampaian