Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pc Fair

Went to pc fair at Kl Convention Centre. The rain was poorly very heavy but likely there's Putrajaya-KL highway assisted me to reach the destination without jam. But the full house parking inside the KLCC forced me to park near the KLCC mosque.

KL Convention Centre view from Kunikuniya Book Store KLCC

Banyaknye fridge magnet...mesti eedany dengan malim suka nih

Need to walk thru tunnel from suria KLCC to the convention centre

I bought samsung mono laser 4 in 1 at RM999.00. Can print,fax,scan and copy. Easy to manage in my small office at my house.


eedany said...

syam...terbeliak biji mataku melihat fridge magnets tu semua.

Wah...cantiknya syam, banyaknya pilihan!


Syam said...

hehehehehe....banyak...sebijik ada yang dalam RM8-RM10 saje