Monday, March 17, 2008


What a hectic schedule for today. What i have gone through ? Let's check....

  • 630 am - received call from mom saying about my aunt
  • 930am - arrived at my cousin's house , waiting for jenazah
  • 1200pm - hantar jenazah ke tanah perkuburan
  • 115pm - selesai pengebumian, sent wife to her office at tesco extra HQ shah alam
  • 2.00pm - arrived at shah alam, had lunch
  • 3.00pm - changed car to send myV for 26k service at perodua puchong
  • 455pm - service done moved to shah alam to pick up my wife
  • 630pm - departed from shah alam
  • 815pm - went to majlis bacaan yasin and tahlil at my cousin house at ampang , had dinner and pulut durian ( yummy yummy!)
  • 1050pm -go back to my house
  • 1130pm - arrived and updating the blog..then tidoqqqq krrrrrrr.......



riken said...

Full nyer schedule syam for that day...confirm semalam tidur lena kan...

Syam said...

riken: mmmm memang lena la sampai terlepas subuh oppss...huhuhuhu

MalimKundang said...

the hectic part is the traveling.. hayoo tak larat la drive di KL ni

eedany said...

fuh...kalau kat KL kan, semua memenatkan woooo.

mesti part 'tidur' yang paling best kan, kan? zzzzzz