Monday, February 25, 2008

OMG...its tooooo late....!

Ayoooo.....i'm suppose to get the 3rd dose of Hepatitis B vaccine on 4 june 2007. Can you imagine how many months now...errr...8 months guyz! Huhuhuhu....without hesitation i drove to National Blood Centre to get the injection. But sadly they informed that it's already late and they had to take my new blood the check again. Aduhhh tu la sapa suruh lupa kan kena amik darah balik! Padan muka diri sendiri.....
For you information i have to get the vaccine because i had a liver problem. Why? I also have no idea what was the root of the problem. Sebab tu la kena ambil suntikan Hepatitis B tu. Nih dah tertinggal sekali so dua suntikan yang lepas kira tak jadi la. I really hope that my blood result will show a positive side. Insyallah. Tak perlu ambil suntikan lagi. After that i straight moved to Bank Simpanan Nasional to collect a cheque for my late father's saving over there. Then pergi pulak ke Low Yat Plaza to look any new gadgets or accessories for my collection.

Registration Counter

Tengok month baru dpt result....

The record for my blood donation...baru 8 kali tahun 2005 pulak tuh...

Model Bangunan BSN

Low Yat can find anything here on digital world

Ground Floor

View From First Floor

Bought ipod nano wrist band....yeah can listen to music while jog

I will drive to Johor ( Kluang, Batu Pahat and Kota Tinggi) with my business partner for our two days outstation. Hopefully there will be an internet excess for me to update the blog. If not i will be back on wednesday evening or thursday morning. Adios...!


eedany said...

wah rajin derma darah. Good!

pengalaman saya pernah sekali jer derma darah untuk teman saya yang sakit anemia. Alhamdulillah dia dah ok sekarang.

Semoga semua ok-ok saja syam.

Syam said...

eedany: dah lama tak donate rasa rindu lak hehehehe. Rasa senang hati kalau dapat tolong orang kan eedany.

Hopefully i'm ok.