Friday, February 1, 2008

My New Suit

Bought my new suit at Robinson Mid Valley. Have to utilise the fund that i received from my firm a year ago. Hari nih baru nak shopping.

From my office at Sri Serdang to Mid Valley...pergh...jem giler....!!!
Thank God i drove an auto car

The entrance - Robinson nih from Singapore

Up to Level 1...jom!

Berdua lebih baik....

Stopped by for Maghrib prayer....Masjid kat Bangsar

Mari orang muda tak nampak pun (terkena diri sendiri..opss)

Saw this box just outside the prayer hall..then on the other side of the box i noticed something

Lorr...macam kenal jer nama syarikat nih. Both companies are my client. For those who interested to order the mineral water for charity feel free to contact me

My New Suit

From Scott

Fully covered from Robinson....nice

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