Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Biotherm Facial Product

This is the product i'm using now for my face care. Biotherm Homme. They claimed that Biotherm Homme, no.1 worldwide in men's skincare since 1985**. Biotherm Homme has acquired a unique understanding of male skin. Experience a total skincare treatment that eliminate toxins from your skin, revealing fresher and more radiant skin. Without any hesitation and influenced by them i choosed to use this product. Maybe some of you may say that why men need to take care of their face. For me it is easy, for appearance and self confidence. Walaupun muka aku nih penuh dengan bekas jerawat aku tak pernah rasa rendah diri dan hilang keyakinan diri. Yang penting aku adalah aku. Even now men nowdays are seriously taking care of their face and their appearance. Taking proper care of your face is very important. Not only it will help you look much better, but also it will do lots for your health.

**** Euromonitor 2005, Selective market. Period 2004.

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