Thursday, February 14, 2008

Got It!

My parcel has arrived! Berjanggut gak tunggu disebabkan masalah pos di Australia dan Malaysia (specifically seri kembangan huhuhuhu...). The perfumes that i had ordered from oo website were all in a good condition. Thanks to malim kundang for his courtesy to help out posted the perfumes to me. Got my teddy too. Thank you again malim

Err..barang lain bila pulak...hehehe

CK One by Calvin Klein - Eau de Toilette - Unisex (200ml)
Diesel Plus Plus Masculine (75ml) Eau de Toilette by Diesel
Instinct by David Beckham Eau de Toilette for Men (75ml) - Special Edition

The perfumes cost me AUD118.90 including delivery charges to Melbourne. Now i have 6 brands of my perfumes collection. Which one is my favourites...will let u all know later.


Alam Setia said...

turun bangi tak cakap. aku stay bangi beb. nak satu perfume tuh

Syam said...

alam: ala...csmne nak bagitau ke number pun takde