Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another IKEA Products

Hi all. For the Malaysian how was your holiday? For me and my family we just hang out in KL area and spend our holidays at our sweet home. Like some people said "there's no place like home", isn't it? Actually we plan to buy a new study or office table for me to sit and spend my precious time on my notebook and for my wife to read and study for her master's programme ( selama ni asyik duduk atas katil jer sakit pinggang). So we went to IKEA to look at a reasonable, nice and simple table. For those who think that whether i am an IKEA yes...! It is not about the price but i like the simplicity of the design.

Plan to look at L-shape table but end up with this one.Simple, brown colour.

Not complete without a chair.

Need a table lamp so that i will not utilise the whole light of the area

Side table nih dah lama beli. Light brown colour

Drawer white colour in our masterbedroom

I bought this compartment to organise my thing inside the drawer


MalimKundang said...

your house must be very beautiful with IKEA furnished..

Syam said...

malim: mmm tu la at first our plan to set up resort concept then dah campur ike furniture dah jadi ape ntah ler..huhuhu

shah said...

lawa ler compartment mcm itu. bagus le. bile nak snap gambo rumah kamu tu letak kat blog ni.

Syam said...

shah: ok nanti i publish kan...tunggu